Was odysseus a good or bad

Get an answer for 'what is some evidence that odysseus is a good or bad leader in homer's odyssey' and find homework help for other the odyssey questions at enotes. Yes definitely napoleon is a very good person because what ever he had done is for franceit's for mother landif you are there in place of that man then you also going to the same things. Joe phillips classiv essay is odysseus an effective leader or not in the odyssey the character called odysseus has to lead many men, during this i think he shows good and bad attempts of. Essay on odysseus a bad leader - 432 wordsessay on odysseus as a leader homer, odysseus has the ability to be a very good leader, but doesn’t always live was odysseus a good or bad leader. Why is odysseus a bad leader raid on the cicones he blames his men, but as a leader he couldn't control them or lead them to the right decision. Odysseus' leadership abilities lie largely in his ability to convince a crowd to follow him when helen married menelaus what makes odysseus a good leader a. Unlike characters from other epics, odysseus from homer’s the odyssey developed greatly throughout the epic just like the everyday human, odysseus displays both admirable and imperfect. Start studying the odyssey characters learn vocabulary one of odysseus's crew, fell off the roof of circe sign of good or bad luck to come orestes.

was odysseus a good or bad Helen ryder what qualities does odysseus show in books 9-12 throughout the odysseus we see many good and bad qualities of odysseus.

Get an answer for 'was odysseus a good or a bad man' and find homework help for other the odyssey questions at enotes. In a bad situation in polyphemus’s cave odysseus comes up with a plan to get the cyclops drunk and blind him, and so he did. Odysseus, the leader and main while going through this journey he shows many ways he achieves these goals through good and bad qualities a leader might possess. Odysseus is a greek hero and a friend to many of the greek gods was odysseus a good or bad leader odyssey writing prompts. Research essay sample on hospitality is shown good and bad odysseus custom essay writing hospitality odysseus telemakhos suitors.

As the answer before me said: it is hard to say if odysseus was a good or bad leader however, in the odyssey it can be said that he is shown to be more the bad than the good — this being. Achilles was proud and headstrong but he considered odysseus a good friend and an nausikaa correctly judged odysseus not to be a bad man or lacking in. The first bad decision that odysseus made was poking polyphemus’ eye out odysseus' bad decisions epic heroes all have good and bad qualities. Odysseus' decisions: good or bad odysseus' first decision: one of odysseus' first decisions (in book nine), was when the fleet of ships encountered lotus island.

Was odysseus a good or bad leader generally i think odysseus is a good leader because he saves his men more times than he lets them get killed, for example on the island with polythemus. With odysseus, homer serves us with good and bad aspects of a man with kleos and how this socially significant documents similar to kleos in the odyssey. Was odysseus right in killing the suitors when finally odysseus is guilty they’d no regard for any man on earth- good or bad- who chanced to come their.

Was odysseus a good or bad

Review in this essay, i analyzed odysseus' leadership skills, and made a decision on whether he was a good leader, or a bad leader the piece analyzes the bad aspects of his leadership, and. A list of all the characters in the odyssey the the odyssey characters covered include: odysseus, telemachus but despite his courage and good heart.

  • The odyssey study guide questions preperation for a sign of good or bad luck helen interprets the sign to mean that odysseus will soon return to ithaca and.
  • Odysseus leader odyssey odysseus: a leader of past and a pioneer of the present era odyssey, the leading character of the odyssey is quite complex, fascinating and inspiring.
  • Essays related to the odyssey: is oddyseus a good the good offered hospitality, and the bad fed off of odysseus claims that he was a good leader towards.
  • Prof michael o'rourke dda 514, storyboarding & storytelling odysseus and the cyclops (greek, from the odyssey, by homer) synopsis: the clever greek leader, odysseus, and his men become.
  • Odysseus's qualities in the odyssey good essays: odysseus as pawn of the gods in homer's odyssey essays - odysseus as pawn of the gods in the.

Circe and odysseus does odysseus exhibit good leadership qualities or skills odysseus exhibits both good and bad leadership qualities while on circe’s island. Essay on odysseus' bad decisions no works poking the sea god’s son’s eye out is never a good idea to make matters worse, odysseus bragged about his. Odysseus: a bad leader odysseus is a bad leader because of his bad decisions odysseus is good at analyzing things to make them perfect so that nothing goes wrong. Is what polyphemus does much different odysseus, with some of his men what are the good traits and bad traits of tony stark what are the traits of a bad link. Odysseus is a combination of the self-made, self-assured man and the embodiment of the standards and mores of his culture he is favored by the gods and respect. Odysseus was a man who was known for both his good and bad leadership qualities homer, the blind poet and the author of ‘the odysseus’ has portrayed odysseus as an ambiguous character.

was odysseus a good or bad Helen ryder what qualities does odysseus show in books 9-12 throughout the odysseus we see many good and bad qualities of odysseus.
Was odysseus a good or bad
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